Three things you could draw at a coffee shop:

1. Practice human posture. Draw at least 5 people sitting down drinking coffee or talking to another person.
2. Practice clothing. Mastering the art of clothes can be tricky and take some time; draw folded fabric, zippers, coats, sweaters and noticed how people are dressed.
3. Go crazy and draw a monster sitting on a chair talking to a friend.

Don't forget to use #drawoutside and share your drawings with me!
I hope you like this video, have a lovely day :)











Every February the 2nd., many illustrators and comic book artists join in what it's called "Hourly Comic Day" in which you have to draw something (your life or not) every hour. It's like daily vlogging, but live and with comics... if that make any sense.

So, for the first time, I joined. And it was SO COOL! It was intense and fun. Here are some of the drawings I did yesterday, I hope you like it and you can join next year!

Have a lovely week my lovely nerds


Hey my nerds! I hope you're having a lovely week!
Since Valentine's day is coming, I thought it would be nice to have some love-theme cards on my Etsy Shop. I hope you like them! What do you think?

Here's the link of my Etsy shop in case you want to check them out in more detail or purchase one of them, yay!

Have a lovely day my nerds, sending you lots of love from the cold Berlin


I love cats, drawing and books, so doing this video was the perfect panorama for a Sunday morning. Have a lovely week my lovely nerds!

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I hope it's not too late!

1. Christmasy sweaters
2. Gingerbread cookies
3. Damn sexy washi tapes
4. Currychinni spreadable
5. Mochi Ice Dessert
6. Bourjois CC cream, gift from Estée
7. Going to Dr. Sketchy Berlin
8. Faber Castell Polycromos
9. Amazing snow
10. Koawach chocolate powder

Have an amazing year my lovely nerds!


Here are my sketches! I hope you can join this challenge :)


Lots of books: Books I bought, books I brought with me from Chile.

Do you want me to review one in particular?


Since I didn't upload any videos for almost two months (because of my trip to Chile, sorry!) Ed and I decided to do VLOGMAS: upload one video a day till Christmas! What do you think?

Here's the first three videos! And don't forget to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel for the next ones!

All the videos have english subtitles!


Dear 2014? you´re going too fast! But let's remember the things I've loved this past month, shall we?

1. Yellow satchel from Forever21
2. White thin tip uni POSCA
3. Drawing outside in a nice garden
4. My new rubber stamps
5. A huge and cozy tartan scarf from Forever21
6. A pink Leuchtturm1917 with my name embroidered, an amazing gift from Pipe
7. A Card Captor Sakura necklace, a gift from Cristian
8. Cat pin, a gift from a viewer 

I hope you're having a lovely weekend my beloved nerds, gingerbread cookies from the cold Berlin


Why take a picture if I can just draw it? These all are the stuff I currently have in my bag :)


October was a very intense month: it was my birthday, I had lots and lots of projects and plus, I'm visiting (right now) my home town doing talks, panels and workshops. These past few days have been really hectic and crazy, but it's not an excuse for not sharing with you all the nice things I've loved last month. 

1. Lush Bubble bar, a gift from my dear friend Matias (who noticed I was a little stressed out)
2. DC Comics Covergirls, an amazing gift from Ed
3. Lovely face powder, a gift from lovely Anke (you have no idea how much I love it!)
4. The New Ghost, also from Ed
5. My pencil neckless
6. Oh Lala Studio, 'cause they helped me love my hair again
7. Wonderful chirimoyas 
8. Jane, The Fox And Me, also from Ed
10. Sweet Jesus, avocados!!!!

I hope you have a great November, my lovely nerds :)


Hello my lovely nerds. I hope October is treating you good so far! These are a few of the good stuff I enjoyed last month :)

1. Primark cat t-shirt (you can check out the real one here)
2. Balea dry shampoo
4. Working on my new travel journal while listening to Spotify (and getting to know so many amazing songs and bands)
6. Individual bath salts from the DM store. My favorite ones? Coconut and the "Christmas special" AMAZING!
7. Bitter chocolate with orange
8. Bo en
10.  Pukka vanilla chai with agave syrup and rice milk. It's like Starbuck's chai latte, but in your home, anytime and cheaper. 

Have a lovely day my nerds, tell me what things you enjoyed in September!


Hello my nerds!
Just a little announcement: my Etsy shop will be closed from October 11 till November 30 because I'll be in Chile doing some workshops, panels and book-signing!

So, if you wanna be super organized and prepared, you can start ordering your Christmas gifts today. The last chance to make a purchase before I go is on October 10th.

I know I know, I think is crazy to talk about Christmas in September too, but I figure I tell you all this right now cause I'll be gone all november (which is Christmas-crazy-time for everybody).

My store will be back on business on December 1st. My two fat cats, Ed and I will be working really hard to deliver all your Christmas goodies, even if it takes to go to the post office every day.

Another store related-news: Yesterday I upload new prints and my 2015 calendar is almost finish. Don't worry cause I'm illustrating some Christmas cards!

I think that's it! If you have questions please leave them down below or you can tweet me too!
I hope you're having an amazing (autumny) day :)


If you are in Berlin, please please visit the Botanic Garden. It's AMAZING!


August favorites people!

1. Frozen
2. My new red ink: Rohrers Antiktusche in tone Krapprot (I talked about it here)
3. The amazing clouds we have here in Berlin
4. My new The Body Shop lipstick Colour Crush in 225 Blushing Pink
5. My mother, my brother and my niece, because they visited me two weeks ago :)
6. Tiny cactus that make my workspace a very lovely environment
7. My living room, because it started to feel cozy and a real home to me
8. Sweaters
9. Cosmos (the tv series)


Oh my nerds, you are the best. Since I'm super grateful for all the nice things you always comment on my illustrations, I'll giveaway 3 copies of "Perfect Tree Shapes", my travel journal (you can check out what I'm talking about here). One of the 3 winners will also win my two favorite Copic ciao markers, yay!

To enter this giveaway you'll have to:
*Subscribe to my youtube channel
*Give a nice-fat like to the video
*And leave a comment on the video telling me something nice that happened you this week.

This giveaway is open internationally :D

Thank you again for all the amazingness and I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Hello my nerds! How's your Monday going so far?
Since a lot of you always ask me about my favorite places here in Berlin, I decided to start a new section on my blog called "Frannerd's Berlin Guide", so next time, if you're here visiting on a holiday with your family or friends, you know where are the nicest places for buying pencils, sketchbooks, my favorite parks or coffee shops, restaurants, and well... you get the idea.


I love Mark's music. Spazzkid cheered me up in the shittiest months of my life. It was almost a year ago, in Cologne, when Ed and I recently moved from Chile to Germany. I missed my family and friends so much.. but Mark's songs really helped me to smile and motivated me to work hard and make beautiful things.

So, thanks a lot Mark. This is how your music makes me feel.

You can check out Mark's music here and download his recent album Promise here.